Making a Difference

Higher rates mean higher payments for life!

There is good news for donors who want to support our mission and provide income for themselves or others. Charitable gift annuity rates have increased! This means that, at many ages, higher lifetime payments can be locked in when a gift is made.

A charitable gift annuity is unique. In exchange for your gift, we agree to pay a lifetime income to you and/or someone else you want to help (two people maximum). The income amount depends on the income beneficiary’s age, the amount of the gift, and when the lifetime payments begin. Here are a few examples of how rates have increased for one-life charitable gift annuities.


Age Previous Rate Rate Beginning July 1, 2018
75 5.8% 6.2%
80 6.8% 7.3%
85 7.8% 8.3%


Planning options that meet your needs


  • Defer the date when payments begin. This can help you meet personal planning needs and increase the payment amount you will receive once the payment period starts. Contact us for details.
  • Cover two people under the same gift annuity. Payments will continue as long as either person is alive.
  • Provide payments for someone else. You may want to provide lifetime income for a loved one—spouse, adult child, brother or sister.

Gift annuities may not be available in all states. Please check with us, and let us know how we might help you meet your philanthropic goals.