Generally speaking, planned gifts represent gift options that can be designed to meet your personal philanthropic and financial goals. Some planned gifts, such as a gift in your will, require no current outlay of funds at all. And other planned gifts, including the charitable gift annuity, make it possible to support our work, enjoy a tax deduction if you itemize, and receive a lifetime income at the same time.

In this unpredictable and challenging economic climate, a planned gift can be a rewarding way to make a difference in others’ lives. Please contact us if we can provide more information or help you in any way.

P.S. We invite attorneys, CPAs, financial planners, and other professional advisors to click the “Professional Advisors” link to use our Planned Giving Answers Online program. It provides more detailed information about planned giving concepts and techniques.

Shaping Your Legacy—Today and Tomorrow

What we do, how we live, the gifts we make—all shape our legacy and influence how others remember us. How you give is a personal decision and there are many ways to realize your legacy vision.

One of the most meaningful and rewarding ways to make an enduring legacy gift is to make an endowed gift. When a donor makes a gift to our endowment fund (or uses a gift to create an endowed fund), only the earnings from the fund are used to support our work. Our endowment is designed to last perpetually, providing gifts for a specific purpose year after year. The significance of an endowed gift is that you enjoy the impact of your philanthropy today while also knowing that your gift will make a difference for generations to come.

Please contact us to find out more about how you can make a gift to an endowment fund, supporting our work today and for many years into the future.