Easy IRA Gifts

A Qualified Charitable Distribution makes it easy for donors to minimize the tax bite of the required minimum distribution associated with IRAs.

This tax-free IRA-to-charity transfer is an important opportunity for donors who:

  • Plan to make charitable donations
  • Don't need the money they must withdraw as required minimum distributions (RMDs)
  • Want to support our mission
Qualified Charitable Distribution Requirements

The tax benefits associated with Qualified Charitable Distributions from IRAs directly to charity are subject to precise and specific requirements:

  • A minimum age—the donor must be at least 70½
  • A maximum amount—no more than $100,000 per year a qualified public charity—no gifts to private foundations, or to set up donor-advised funds or split-interest charitable trusts
  • A direct transfer—money must be moved directly from the IRA account to the charity
Satisfy Required Minimum Distributions

Qualified Charitable Distributions can be used to satisfy all or part of a donor’s required minimum distribution (up to $100,000). This makes them particularly attractive to donors who are still working, have sufficient retirement assets, or, in general, find themselves in a higher tax bracket.

Calculate your required minimum distribution.