Family Health Programs

Caring for vulnerable families' health and medical needs.

Dr. John Lanman Clinic

Your gift to the Dr. John Lanman Clinic in Hammond, Indiana gives free primary health care to uninsured patients living below the poverty line. This volunteer-based clinic continues to see growth in number of patients and level of need and is our response to God's call to minister to the sick and neglected.

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Healthy Choices Fund

Seventy percent of obese children have at least one risk factor for cardiovascular disease. The South Suburban Chicago Healthy Choices program is focused on helping children and families get on a path to better health with support and education on healthy eating and physical activity. Your gift supports community outreach and education.

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Healthy Living Center

People with chronic conditions such as heart failure, COPD and diabetes need to be committed to a healthy lifestyle to avoid hospitalization. The Franciscan Healthy Living Center in Western Indiana is a comprehensive disease management program providing education, support and disease prevention tips. Your gift helps people live a healthier life.

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St. Clare Health Clinic

Uninsured and underinsured patients often have nowhere to turn for quality healthcare. St. Clare Health Clinic in Crown Point, Indiana fills this gap with quality, affordable healthcare including preventative care, primary care, specialty referrals and health education. Your gift brings much needed healthcare services to a vulnerable population.

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