Employee Programs

Offering a helping hand to our employees in times of need.

Clinical Pastoral Education Fund

Support our current and future hospital chaplains as they work to minister to our patients and their families. The Clinical Pastoral Education Fund provides training to help Franciscan Health chaplains work in today's diverse culture in a manner that follows the moral and ethical teachings of the Catholic Church.

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Employee Assistance Fund

No one should have to make a choice between buying food for their table or dealing with an unexpected financial emergency. The Franciscan Health Employee Assistance Fund helps in times of unexpected need with interest-free loans. Please help support this safety net for our employees.

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Nursing Excellence

Our 4,500 Franciscan Health nurses serve on the front lines of patient care by providing safe, compassionate, quality care to patients and their families. But the field of nursing is ever changing and it is critical that our nurses receive continuing education. That is why we created the Nursing Excellence Fund. Your support will go towards continuing education and training as well as resources to combat burnout and compassion fatigue.

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